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Long Overdue

I’ve not fallen off the face of the map, but I’ve almost found myself in the hospital for dehydration due to morning sickness with a (presumed) combined stomach bug. And, I haven’t felt like myself in over a month. Yes, I was sick when pregnant with my first. But, nothing like this. Nothing that transforms my normally energetic self into a bed-loving, zombie. My constant hunger goes hand in hand with my constant nauseousness. I’ve finally given into small doses of Zofran just to survive.

While I’m still on some of the hormonal support, the PIO injections were finally deemed unnecessary. My hips/glutes still ache, but they are always a reminder that this baby is worth it. A gift. A miracle. IMG_7277.JPG

Oh, and I finally popped. Or, I should rephrase: “I can’t believe that I popped so soon!” Yikes. I’ve also gained some weight despite the nausea. It really is true that every pregnancy is different. IMG_7379.jpg

In the midst of this exhaustion, an amazing lot has transpired. I ended up through the night with a client at the hospital during an emergency early birth. My husband graduated with his engineering degree. We face a potential move out-of-state. And Abby becomes a more grown-up girl every day. IMG_7367.JPG

This update may be short, but know that I’m still here and excited about a few more weeks to pass and to hopefully regain a measure of strength again. Until then, frozen meals and drive-thru restaurants reign supreme at our house these days!


4 thoughts on “Long Overdue

  1. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so sick but happy that hopefully in a few weeks you will be coming out of it!! Take advantage of the “easy” options, you deserve it! Thank you for the update, you are always on the back of my mind when I log in ❤

  2. Whew! I was definitely worried when your page went silent. I’m so glad you are moving ever closer to the second tri when things usually get better. I’ll pray you get the relief you and baby need soon.
    Sending you love!

  3. How is the septation in your gestational sac? I’m 8 wks prego and have one as well and am extremely nervous about it. There isn’t much info about them on the Internet 😦

    1. Hi! I’m so sorry that you are going through this situation. I believe it can actually be more common than we realize. With this pregnancy, I actually haven’t had a separation, but with my first pregnancy I did. I was on modified bed rest for about a week (although that was primarily due to a small bleed that I was having) and eventually there were no issues with the gestational sac. I hope yours resolves! What is your current treatment protocol?

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