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Lion Baby {And other FET updates}

In summary, everything yesterday went smoothly with the embryo transfer and now all that is left is to navigate “resting” with a toddler while waiting for pregnancy test results in the next couple of weeks. Oh, yay, resting and taking a whole lot of meds. But, beyond the summary, the DETAILS of yesterday are what… Continue reading Lion Baby {And other FET updates}

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Knowing this day would come {And choosing to hope}

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I knew my heart would not be satisfied with Netflix and ice cream for long. I knew my tired body would become what this Lion Baby needs. For, I am brave. Brave enough to whisper my fears. Brave enough to reach out with what terrifies me. Brave enough to utter… Continue reading Knowing this day would come {And choosing to hope}

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A bit of optimism {Believing in the beautiful}

All too often, I find myself meandering dark paths. From the hurt of unfulfilled dreams to the heartache of dreams lost, I’ve emerge a cynic. I believe for others, but I’m gripped in fear for myself. My heart flows with rivulets of weakness… I respond in a manner that only extreme-type A personalities would understand.… Continue reading A bit of optimism {Believing in the beautiful}