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When red fades into dawn

Restlessly, I tossed and turned last night, fading in and out of partially-dreamt dreams. Some might tell me today that my life is only partially-dreamt, partially-fulfilled, partially-blessed. But, as I curl up in my robe by the fireplace, darkness still cloaking the out-of-doors, last night’s sleep fades away. With it recedes the restlessness that plagued me. Dawn… Continue reading When red fades into dawn


He trusts me. It’s called unfathomable love.

Good Morning, Sweet Sojourners . . . The sun reflects sharply off freshly fallen feet of snow around my porch windows. Diamonds sparkle in the fast-melting beauty. Here for a moment. Then gone. Raisin toast, broiled grapefruit, cereal, sliced banana, almonds, cottage cheese and blessedly hot coffee has disappeared from my kitchen table. Have I mentioned… Continue reading He trusts me. It’s called unfathomable love.