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That’s a lot of pills

In the midst of my severe, medication-induced nausea, I somehow have to stomach an increasingly large number of pills. Today, I get to add four steroid capsules to help suppress my own body’s immune system in preparation for….tomorrow’s embryo transfer! I’m going to be pregnant tomorrow. Nothing like a little¬†spontaneity. Anyway… Pregnant will make the… Continue reading That’s a lot of pills

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OUCH! {The things most people don’t prepare you for}

Ten p.m. rolled around last night, and I was scouring the kitchen for something new…something salty…something that would relieve the incredibly painful bloating and cramping. Then, I found them. Pickles. 220 mg of Sodium per dill spear. Just the ticket. Follow that up with some salty, cheesy crackers and some trail mix, and then wash… Continue reading OUCH! {The things most people don’t prepare you for}