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Bravely Breaking the Silence {TTC Baby #2}

Years ago I wrote a poem that narrated both my brokenness and my healing. And, tonight, I’m drawn back to the emotions that flowed then. That flow now. ~~~ Illuminating. Probing. Unburying. Dawn streaks across the sky. I whimper beneath a warming ray. Afraid to thaw – afraid to let my emotions cry.   Whoosh.… Continue reading Bravely Breaking the Silence {TTC Baby #2}



Good Morning…I mean, Good Evening…I mean…What time is it anyway? I never nap – not because I don’t want to, but because I can rarely fall asleep and when I do I wake up a groggy, grumpy mess. Well, apparently pregnancy hormones changes that. I just spent the past two hours crashed on the couch… Continue reading Hazy