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The Room is Spinning {And a heart is beating}

So, yes, the room is spinning. Not always. Not enough for me to prepare for the mind-altering state of standing-up or moving suddenly, but often enough to leave me leery of any quick movements. You, see, I’ve already hit the floor once during this pregnancy due to unexpected lightheadedness. Now, I try to take my… Continue reading The Room is Spinning {And a heart is beating}

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334 Licks {And other important numbers}

334 licks. Not likes. Licks. Thanks to an amazing friend who sent me to Houston with a thoughtful care package, including a lollipop for the waiting rooms and times.  While I was coming out of the fog of my anesthesia (quite a delightful fog, too, I might add), I assigned DH to counting. And count… Continue reading 334 Licks {And other important numbers}